Department of Health Care & Social Work

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The Department of Health Care and Social Work stared in 2011, was the first department combined the programs of health care and social work in a department. Therefore, student who graduates from this department may get both health care and social work skill. The ways of teaching include general teaching and long-distance teaching. The department pays much attention to practical training. During the four years, year two students have to work in the institutions a week, which give them a chance to practice the skill of health care in nursing home or hospital. Then students could get the license of health care worker, if they pass the national exam after this practice training. Consequently, year three students have to work for five days per week in the institutions in summer holiday which provides an opportunity for student to practice the social work skill in real. Finally, students also have to make their own project, which give them to integrate their knowledge and professional social work skill, and then practice it in organization in the final year. The purpose of design the course and program in department are help the students become competent employees of social worker and health care worker after graduation. Currently, there are estimated 478 students in the Bachelor of Social Work Program (BSW).